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New Channel 8

News channel 8

According to a Media and Public Opinion (MPO) Research Group poll in January of this year, the majority of Americans still get their news from the television. Though the internet is becoming increasingly popular and there is still a place for newspapers and magazines, the television still reigns supreme. The poll found that 30.6% of people get their news from cable stations and 29.8% use network television. Either way, tuning to NBC local news stations or ABC news at night remain two of the most popular options for people looking to get updates about the stories that interest them the most.

Every state and region will have different options when it comes to watching the news on TV. In Maine, the favorite choice for many is news channel 8. By turning to the new Channel 8 Maine residents will be able to learn all of the important facts and developments in their community. For instance, today they might find details about the annual “Pumpkin Regatta” that packed Damariscotta, information about how different school districts are handling alcohol problems, or even about the University of Maine football team fighting for national recognition. The wide variety of news stories makes Channel 8 News the preferred option for many.

Of course, many people check the news in the morning before they ship kids off to school or head to work because they need to get the weather report. Whether they have an afternoon full of outdoor activities planned or just want to make sure their kids have a jacket for when it gets colder out, checking the weather in the morning is a time honored tradition that many parents swear by. And, before traveling, checking the weather is a must to help determine how long it will take to get at a destination. By turning to the new Channel 8 Maine residents will be able to get the forecasts they need to prepare for the upcoming days.

The MPO poll found that, after TV, the internet was the most popular news source with 14% preferring it. Virtually every news station is working to take advantage of that trend by developing a strong website that provides updates and breaking news throughout the day for individuals who are stuck at their desk or can’t get to a TV. Plus, they are either optimizing their site for mobile use or developing a web app that allows followers to get updates while on the go.

With the majority of young people choosing to use the internet for their news, and the fact that even the new Channel 8 Maine is adapting to the internet trend, it is not far-fetched to think that the internet could overtake television as the most popular news option. But for now, both network and cable programming have the most reach.

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