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Curso de campaƱa electoral mexico

Aristotle defined “political science” as “the study of the state,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of Politics, and political communication, according to David L. Swanson and Dan Nimmo is “the strategic use of communication to influence public knowledge, beliefs, and action on political matters.” The political marketing and communications field is an amalgamation of traditional disciplines like communications and political science. It seeks to analyze the manner in which information spreads as well as the influence political campaigns and actions have sociologically.

12 out of 100 adults online reported learning about political news from Facebook in November, 2012, compared to just 6 percent in January 2012. This is the type of political market data that online advertising companies and political campaign marketing groups follow very closely so that they understand how best to reach people. 20 percent of people using social media report having either followed or interacted with an elected official or candidate on a social networking site, which lets political marketing firms know that Facebook and other social media forums are a terrific way of allowing candidates and legislators to stay connected to their constituents.

The political market of today is very different than it was even 10 years ago. This was made especially evident during the first presidential bid of Barak Obama, a candidate who relied on social media as the beating heart of his political market campaign. It is necessary for those whose careers encompass reading the political environment in marketing to stay abreast of new methods of communication. That way, they can be sure of how to get political messages across effectively. More information like this.

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