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Cat id tags

If you own a dog, then you should make sure that you have plastic pet tags so that you will be better able to find your dogs if they get lost. Having personalized pet tags, unique pet tags, or brass pet tags can make it easier for people to contact you if you happen to lose track of your beloved animals. Here are a few more important facts that you should know about plastic pet tags and the dogs that you love in general.

1. Dogs have an astounding 220 million smell sensitive cells in their noses. This is one of the main reasons that they have been used for bomb, drug, and cadaver recovery for many decades.

2. Dogs know their owners by their smell, whether or not they have showered and have used some kind of perfume or cologne, or they are just back from the gym.

3. Although we more often than not think of the Ancient Egyptians as being cat crazy, they also revered dogs. There is even archeological evidence that they would go through elaborate mourning rituals when a pet dog died.

4. In spite of what you might think as a result of the Disney company, Dalmatians are actually completely white at birth and only gain their spots as they mature.

5. Did you know that approximately one third of dog owners display a framed picture of their dog in their home? This kind of love and devotion is one of the reasons that items like engraved pet tags are so important to their safety.

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