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Regardless of what kind of work you are in these days, you probably are given a huge amount of business cards. Even though you probably need to keep the information on these cards, you might not have the space to store them. Here are a few of the reasons that your company should invest in a business card reader or business card scanner.

1. According a recent study conducted by the International Data Corporation, 95 percent of business related information is conducted on paper. In fact, the average worker prints out 45 sheets of paper per day regardless of what kind of business they are in.

2. The Wall Street Journal found that the average business worker in America loses about one and a half hours a day, or 40 hours a year, in lost productivity including searching for lost and misplaced items from messy desks and files? One of the easiest ways to avoid this huge waste of time is to invest in digital filing system and laptop scanners to take care of some of the mess.

3. Did you know that the average four drawer filing cabinet contains between 10,000 and 12,000 pieces of paper? The best way to cut down on this huge volume is to invest in business card reader and portable scanners for your office.

4. The typical enterprise with 1,000 knowledge workers wastes six to 12 million dollars annually searching for nonexistent information, failing to find existing information, or recreating information that can’t be found, according to a study by the International Data Corporation.

5. According to, the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. More like this blog.

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