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Although tens of millions of Americans depend on their automobiles, mobile devices, and innumerable technological conveniences in order to live their lives according to the modern standard, few people realize the complexity of the manufacturing processes behind the production of their stuff. Just as they do their cars, cell phones, and computers, they take the essential jobs performed by manufacturing workers for granted.

The truth is in order for us to hop in our cars and get to work, or send a text and know it will be received, it takes the precise, flawless interaction of a vast network of industrial knobs, nylon cable glands, nylon nuts, plastic screws, and countless other industrial hardware. In order for our consumer goods to function properly, which they do over 95 percent of the time, it is crucial that all nuts, bolts, screw covers, and cable ties not fail.

While industrial and protection products must perform flawlessly in order to produce high quality consumer goods, they must also do so in the interest of safety. For example, in the event that a cable gland was to fail, the entire cable will fail; and thus, the equipment the cable is supposed to be holding would come tumbling down. The same is true of metal conduits; if one cracks or breaks under pressure, workers could be exposed to dangerous levels of unharnessed electrical currents. Obviously, the consequences of both of these malfunctions could be tragic. Even something as simple as cable ties must be strong enough to secure hundreds of pounds of equipment.

After safety, the highest priority for manufacturers is the protection of equipment and the products they are making. From the perspective of protection, items as seemingly insignificant as screw cover caps and cap nuts perform vital roles. Just as their names imply, cap nuts, or acorn nuts, are used in place of regular screws when the screw threads must be protected from outside interference.

Considering everything at stake during the manufacturing process, it is always in the best interest of manufacturing companies to invest in the highest quality industrial safety and finishing products available. After all, the end products are not worth a whole lot if they are of inferior quality, or if safety is compromised.

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