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It might sound morbid, but pre-planning your own funeral can save your loved ones a significant amount of time and money. The first important consideration to make is whether you want your remains buried, entombed, or scattered, and though burial has traditionally been the most popular option, in recent years, cremation funerals have become increasingly more common. Here, we’ll look at the steps involved in planning the cremation funeral you want, relieving your successors of guesswork and financial burden.

Cremation Services

Part of the increased popularity of cremation comes from the lower funeral prices for cremated remains. The decisions and details involved in a burial service are plentiful and can be difficult for successors to execute. Cremation, however, makes the service simpler and less expensive, freeing you and your family from unnecessary financial burden.

The actual cremation may occur before or after a funeral service, as many families choose to have traditional casket services in funeral parlours before cremation. On the other hand, others prefer to proceed with cremation and hold a memorial service where the urn is displayed at a later date, usually accompanied by a photo and flower spray.

About Direct Cremation

In direct cremations, bodies are taken directly from their sites of death or from mortuaries to crematories where they are exposed to high heat and reduced to a sand-like consistency. Typically, bodies will stop at mortuaries or their on-site crematories only long enough to be issued a death certificate and cremation permit. Families must also sign cremation authorization forms.

In direct cremations, no traditional funeral or visitation ceremonies are held as the body is never embalmed or given hair care or makeup application. Furthermore, caskets aren’t purchased and are instead replaced with special cardboard boxes called “alternative containers.”

Planning Your Own Cremation Service

Under the Funeral Rule, there are basic service fees that apply to all funerals, regardless of arrangement. Mortuaries include the following services in all circumstances:

  • Funeral planning
  • Securing necessary permits and death certificate copies
  • Preparing notices
  • Sheltering remains
  • Coordinating arrangements with third parties like cemeteries or crematoriums

Once you’ve contacted your chosen mortuary, obtain a written statement of your decisions before you pay. It should show exactly what you’ve bought and the cost of each item. Know that cash advances will be expected for any goods or services purchased from outside vendors including flowers, obituary notices, pallbearers, officiating clergy, organists, or soloists.

Planning your own cremation service is a wonderful gift to a family as it alleviated financial and decision-making burdens. Furthermore, cremation saves significantly on funeral-related costs. Contact a local mortuary today to begin the process of pre-planning and pre-paying for your service and to provide your family with an incredible gift. See this link for more.

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