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Pompano beach plumber

The plumbing industry has a surprisingly rich history. I suppose it’s not to be unexpected, after all, ever since humans started moving from campfires to huts, we’ve needed a way to get rid of our waste. Remarkably, the use of copper tubes for plumbing applications began around 2750 BC, though lead pipes were much more common. Most are familiar with the sophisticated plumbing system of Ancient Rome, comprised of public baths, drainage systems, and aqueducts though few are as familiar with the almost hero of modern plumbing, Ozzy Osbourne, who got his start as a plumber’s apprentice before jumping on the “Crazy Train” and beginning a lucrative career biting the heads off of live animals and mumbling on MTV.

Plumbing’s history is indeed a long one, and even today developments are still being made. Still, the typical American’s impression of plumbers is not one taking into account the innovations that have transformed our lives, but one based on our habitual stubborn insistence upon attempting to fix our own plumbing problems, a phenomenon that almost invariably exacerbates the situation and makes a professional’s process far more complicated than it would have been had we made a call in the first place. 85% of Americans have admitted to trying to retrieve objects dropped down the drain or toilet on their own, a decision that can prove disastrous for those without specialized knowledge and equipment.

Luckily for Pompano Beach residents, there are plumbers ready and waiting to help them out of their, um, messy problems. A Pompano Beach plumber can be incredibly helpful not only in relatively simple dropped earring situations but in the slightly wetter troubles associated with leaks and broken pipes. The time to choose a Pompano Beach plumber or a plumber in margate is not in the midst of one of these crises, however. It’s better to do the research while you’re still calm and dry. Here are a few tips for picking out a reputable Pompano Beach plumber.

1. Ask for suggestions. The key here is to ask not only a couple people. Stop short of asking everyone you meet, but come pretty close. Check with other homeowners you know, a couple local contractors and the real estate agent who sold you your house. Run a couple of Google searches while your at it, checking out reviews.

2. Call around to ask for information and know what you want to ask before you pick up the phone. Usually, people calling plumbers have specific problems, so they probably won’t be able to help you unless you guide the conversation. “Tell me about your plumbing services” is probably not going to get you very far.

3. Confirm that the plumber is licensed. Though there are many capable unlicensed plumbers, a little more peace of mind comes with hiring someone who has received the necessary training. If you really want to be certain, ask for the plumber’s license number.

4. Make sure the plumber is insured. Unexpected accidents like floods and burst pipes do happen, so you want to make sure your plumber is protected.

Choosing a Pompano beach plumber is something you’ll want to take care of before a problem happens. Your best case scenario is to find one who will be affordable and non judgmental when you drop your iPhone in the toilet for the fifth time or break the shower pipe gesticulating wildly during a passionate rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing.” It happens all the time. One in three Americans sing in the shower, so he’s probably used to it. If you’re going to be a frequent flyer, though, it’s better to get the research done early.

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  1. What a thankless job! Homeowners do dumb things and then expect these poor guys to come and clean it up.

  2. What a thankless job! Homeowners do dumb things and then expect these poor guys to come and clean it up.

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