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Hardscaping design

Many home owners opt to hire a professional to do high end landscape lighting. These designers are usually experts in how grass, plants and trees respond to varying climates. Once they determine the specifics of a lawn, designers take into account aesthetics and what potential buyers might like to see. More than 50% of buyers say that well-landscaped lawn increases their interest in a home, making landscaping a necessary expense.

While many homeowners might complain that high end landscape lighting and design is expensive, they should consider some of the benefits. A well-placed tree can shade windows and walls, saving up to 50% on the cost of air-conditioning. They can even reduce the temperature by almost nine degrees! People living in extreme climates might consider having several trees around their home for this sake alone. In cities, a single tree can provide more than $200 in pollution fighting, and wildlife shelters. Trees also cut out noise levels by 50 percent.

Ask professionals for quotes on sustainable landscape design to help the environment, while reducing personal costs. Homeowners can find a local affordable landscape design company with minimal research and check for reviews about the company online. It would also be beneficial for homeowners to ask landscape designers for landscape tips to keep their lawn fresh and green. Many people don’t realize that grass needs at least one inch of water a week to stay healthy and that signs of a lack of hydration are bluish-gray grass, and footprint marks that remain an hour after someone has walked on it. These kinds of tips can be the key to maintaining a lawn successfully.

Once a lawn has been designed and landscaped, high end landscape lighting can set one home apart from another. Landscape coupled with hardscape lighting creates an outdoors than invites buyers and even neighbors to re-consider their own home’s lawn. Though hardscaping costs can be high, working with a company that does both can save money.

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