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Alright, so you’re moving. Congratulations, it is probably for a great reason, like a promotion or a new job opportunity, or just because you need a change of scenery. However, unfortunately, as happy as this time probably is, it is also really stressful. Moving is one of the most stressful life events you can go through, and its ranked up there with someone passing away! Yikes!

Especially if you are moving long distance. Then you are really going to want to hire movers, specifically long distance movers. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m not even going to mention pods! I just want to give you some good information about moving. Just seven tips on moving, how to go about it, and how you can make sure you are going to have a smooth experience.

1. Moving more than 50 miles because of a job might qualify you for a deduction of moving expenses from your year end taxes.

2. 44 percent of the population has made a move because of a job opportunity, transfer or promotion.

3. When moving, it is a good idea to completely “declutter” your home before any planning or packing for the move happens. Whether you make a few trips to the dumpster, Goodwill, or have a garage sale, it is a great way to make sure that your essentials are the only things coming with you into your pods or on your move.

4. The utility turn off should be scheduled for one day after you are expecting to move, and the utilities in your new home should be turned on the day before you are scheduled to arrive.

5. In 2010, 6.7 million households in the United States made some sort of move to a new residence.

6. Between June and September is referred to as moving season, since it is when the most moves happen in the United States, since it is generally not in the middle of the school year for most children.

7. Migration was at a steady 20 percent into the 1960s, but has recently declined to a low of just under 12 percent, where it is currently.

See? It’s not so bad, especially when you know that movers have to have liability coverage for all the things they are transporting for you so even if something happens, it can always be fixed. And, whether you are just hiring people to move things, renting pods, or just getting a truck to put everything in, getting help never hurt anyone!

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