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Cheques to order online canada

You might not realize it, but if you live in Canada, you have a choice about whose services you can enlist to provide your cheques. If you need personalized cheques for your company that come complete with a specific logo design, you can always choose a new vendor when it comes time to order cheques again. For your consideration, here are five more facts about the history of cheques Canada offers.

1. In the first century BC, early forms of cheques called “praescriptiones” were used by the ancient Romans. While far removed from the current Canadaian cheques of today, they were the first step in a practice that would become extremely commonplace centuries afterward. Today, the best cheques Canada can offer include those with custom printing or personalization capabilities for maximum brand awareness and singularity.

2. Eastern Mediterranean merchants also continued the tradition of using cheques dating back to before 1000 AD. Much like the current Canadian cheques of today, these were written documents that allowed the cheque holder to receive his payment from a financial institution. The only difference is what we buy now compared with what was available a thousand years ago.

3. For the best cheques Canada can offer, get the ones with a personalized touch, which could be something as easy as your company logo. This tradition dates back to the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1811. On the first personalized cheques, the name of the account holder was printed vertically along the left edge of the cheque.

4. Today, cheques are an essential part of business payroll systems. Payroll is the total amount of all employee financial records, including salaries, bonuses, wages and deductions. Any cheques Canada businesses handle ultimately go through the payroll system.

5. Worried that custom-print cheques will not be compatible with your accounting software application? Worry not! Most custom laser cheques comply with the needs of any accounting software, which means a more smooth and personalized operation for your business.

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