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Finishing powder

As a major part of our culture’s concept of femininity, makeup is an enormous part of the day-to-day lives of many women. When Dolly Parton was asked if she ever leaves the house without makeup, she answered, “Only if it’s on fire!” and 33% of women seem to echo her sentiments. One third of women won’t leave their homes without makeup on, and one tenth won’t let their significant others see them bare-faced. For those 90% who aren’t afraid to be seen au naturel by their partners, the average wait time before the big reveal is about two and a half months.

Every woman’s makeup routine is different, but most of them include foundation somewhere in the process. It provides a base, helping makeup to last longer, evens out skin tone, and creates that creamy complexion we all left behind somewhere in the halls of our high schools. There are three basic makeup foundation types including liquid, stick, and powder foundations, each of which has something to recommend it.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid makeup foundation types are widely varied. You can find oil-free, oil-based, waterproof, and even 24-hour liquid foundation and they can range from medium to full coverage, depending on how much you apply. Look for areas that are discolored or need evening out and apply foundation lightly with a wedge sponge or your fingers. Blend working in downward and outward strokes so that the fine hairs on your skin will lie smoothly in their directions of growth. Remember that foundation isn’t moisturizer, so you don’t want to slather it all over your face.

Stick Foundation

Because they’re portable, this is one of the easiest makeup foundation types to carry in a purse without spills. Coverage tends to be heavier, making stick foundations perfect for covering blemishes, scars, redness, or dark under-eye circles. It’s ideal for normal to oily skin, but those with dry skin may find it useful as long as they apply moisturizer first. Generally, stick foundation is best used on problem areas and not for your whole face.

Powder Foundation

The most versatile of all makeup foundation types, powder foundation is easily the best makeup foundation for oily skin. Applying powder foundation is fairly simple. Use a large powder brush and hold it horizontally, gently working the sides of the bristles into the powder, just like you’re trying to erase it. Press the brush onto your face to deposit it onto your skin. Finish with a light dust across the rest of your face to help set your makeup for the day.

All three makeup foundation types can be used in a daily makeup routine for optimal coverage. Use liquid foundation to even out your skin tone, following up with stick foundation on particular problem areas. Finish with a powder foundation to set your makeup and provide a fresh, clean look. Bronzer or blush can be applied after foundation is in place.

Starting your makeup routine with a more even complexion is the easiest way to make your look appear more finished. Invest in quality foundation and brushes to work your way toward flawless face makeup.

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