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Canada trailer sales

In Canada trailer sales are partially responsible for about $65 billion in revenues. The industry as a whole in this North American country is worth that much, with the country’s trucks traveling mostly to New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and California when heading to the U.S., but trailer leasing and renting represent a significant chunk of this number. After all, plenty of trucking companies exist to haul loads and transport cargo, but lots of companies of all sizes need things like reefer trailers to haul their own equipment or precious cargo too. Often they go with a rental trailer, but lately more companies have thought about or acted upon actually buying these vehicles like refrigerated trailers for sale because they understand the investment and are willing to put forth the cash because their respective businesses need it.

The interesting thing about the rise in trailer sales, though, is that they are rising despite the 0.9 percent decline in warehousing and transportation services during 2012’s initial quarter as industries felt the impact of the current economic recession. It goes to show that there always will be a market for trailers because cargo still needs to be hauled, even if less people are buying things. These services are still required, and so trailer sales have risen mostly because companies would rather pay to own these trailers than to rent them and perhaps never recoup the costs.

Another reason trailer sales are so high these days is that more environmentally friendly solutions are part of these trailers, so the environment is less impacted. Not every company that handles or has to deal with trailer sales cares about its carbon footprint, but enough are more aware of the sheer importance of leaving the earth in as good a shape as we found it that they buy these trailers knowing they are less harmful to our environment. The Montreal Protocol, established in 1987, made the use of the coolant Freon illegal on reefer trailers because it produced CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons. These refrigerated haulers, which were developed by companies like Baird in 1929, were unaware of the impact that these chemicals had on the environment. However, after knowing this, actions were taken and things were fixed to remedy the situation. This is a shining example of the company’s push to incorporate more eco sensitive resources into the trucking industry, and many companies are responding by investing their money in these trailers for the long haul.

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