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Web based help desk

Did you know that Information Technology, IT, is continuing to be one of the strongest, fastest growing industries in the United States? According to CNN Money, 65% of businesses say they want to add more tech staff to their company. Further, many say they want to increase their IT department size by up to 20%. Clearly, the industry is thriving.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to break into the IT field without first getting some hands-on experience with customers. Taking one of many available help desk jobs in the fast growing help desk industry is a great way to hit the ground running.

What Are Help Desk Jobs?

Americas Job Exchange reports that becoming a help desk technician or specialist through training programs offered by companies like Help Desk Institute leads to a job helping customers with software, hardware, and operating system issues they may be having with a wide variety of technology. The options literally cover every device in popular tech. Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and many others all keep a customer service department or outsource help desk jobs to companies who can provide their consumers with quality trouble-shooting assistance. This is one of many reasons that, according to Dell, the help desk industry grew by 14% in 2011 and continues to do so.

How Help Desk Jobs Help Your Career

Working for a brick and mortar or web based help desk is an incredible opportunity for individuals interested in a technology-based career to break into the industry. Why? Each and every day will put you into a position to clean up computers, run diagnostic problem-solving software, and install new components for client machines. In this way, you sharpen your technical skills with modern tech.

On the other hand, as Computer World writes, help desk jobs also present you with the rare opportunity to learn about the other side of the tech world should you ever decide to start your own business. Not only are you learning tech skills, but you are learning human skills. Learning customer service and the way customers think about tech products is crucial to any entrepreneur or serviceman in the industry today. Help desk jobs give you access to education on both.

Whatever you want to do in the tech industry, pursuing a job with a help desk is a surefire way to sharpen current skills and learn new ones that will help you stand out in an increasingly popular field. If you have been dreaming about a job in modern technology, wake up and get one. Help desk jobs are available to help you realize your professional goals.

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  1. I’ve been working at a help desk for 2 years now. It’s exactly what I wanted to be doing in the tech field.

  2. I’ve been working at a help desk for 2 years now. It’s exactly what I wanted to be doing in the tech field.

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