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Hyperbaric therapy

Hyberbaric oxygen therapy can be an important, effective form of treatment to people suffering from a variety of ailments. Lyme disease, radiation necrosis, and the effects of age on internal respiration can all be alleviated by this very unusual treatment administered within a pressurized oxygen chamber.

Hyperbaric chambers work by forcing pure oxygen into the cells of the body through pressure. By doing so, the cells are saturated with oxygen, effectively leaving less room for any kind of invasive contamination. For instance, Lyme disease is treatable with this method as the pathogen does not flourish in the highly oxygenated environment that hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides. This is great news considering the fact that Lyme disease can affect the health of joints, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system.

Hyperbaric therapy is often used in conjunction with anticoagulation therapy to mitigate the cell death caused by radiation treatments and accidental exposure to radioactive substances. It has also been shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of reflex sympathetic dystropohy, a disease associated with long term pain in various parts of the body.

Beyond the uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of disease, it can also be used to improve the well being of those that have simply become old. As humans age their circulation slows, leading to a reduction in internal respiration. Because of this, cells have a much harder time getting oxygen leading to excess stress when placed under aerobic stresses like cardiovascular exercise. Through hyperbaric therapy, the transport capacity for blood increases, helping to mitigate many of the effects related to decreased circulation.

For those dealing with a wide variety of diseases and states of being that come from natural aging processes, hyperbaric therapy can be a wonderful form of treatment. It is not invasive, is effective, and often covered under health insurance. See this link for more references:

6 thoughts on “Are You Dealing With Lyme Disease? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Help

  1. I regularly use hyperbaric chambers for treating RSD. It can be a huge source of pain relief.

  2. I regularly use hyperbaric chambers for treating RSD. It can be a huge source of pain relief.

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