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Did you know that you might qualify to deduct moving expenses from your taxes if you relocate due to a job that’s over 50 miles away from your former residence? Between the 6.7 million U.S. households moved in 2010, that’s a lot of money that could’ve been written off. However, there are also many people who haven’t moved far away, either. In fact, 37 percent of Americans have never moved out of their hometown, according to the Pew Research Center.

Whether or not you’ve moved far away, people in general don’t know about all of the money saving options that they have when it comes to moving. One such option is to use storage and moving pods, which are an alternative to the traditional truck method of moving.

The storage and moving pods method is a way of using rentable portable storage units to get all of your things to your new residence. The biggest advantage of using storage and moving pods for rent is that you get to pack them on your own time, at your leisure. This works particularly well for people with busy schedules, because they don’t have to make time just to pack. Plus, they get to pack things the way they like, and get to make sure that everything is secure.

With the ability to pack on your own time, you can have a more flexible moving schedule as well. This gives you the option to move at a time when moving services offer discounted rates, like mid month or mid week.

Of course, using the storage and moving pods strategy is not totally different from any other means of moving. You should still take the same approach as if you were moving with trucks. That is, to successfully declutter your house by getting rid of any unnecessary items, so that you don’t have to move more than you have to.

Storage and moving pods are a great money saving option, and they give you a more flexible schedule. If you have any questions about storage and moving pods, feel free to ask in the comments!

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  1. Man, this sounds like the perfect thing for guys with a busy schedule like me!

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