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Fences are not the most versatile or multi-use objects in existence. They are built to keep people out of a structure or area, or to allow privacy for people already inside a structure or area. However, there are a variety of different kinds of fences which serve different purposes around a structure or area.

A fence is distinguished from a wall by the lightness of their construction and by their purpose. While walls are solid barriers made from brick or concrete and block vision completely, fences are lighter and generally have more cracks or visible opening, as fences are more often used to provide visual sectioning of spaces. In short, allow for privacy inside while fences provide outdoor privacy.

Some people like to put in decorative wrought iron fencing, despite the wrought iron fencing cost. Some custom metal fencing, and in fact most custom fences, are more expensive than traditional fences because they are customized. Most often, wrought iron fencing costs are justified because wrought iron fences can add value to a home. They are built most commonly on Victorian style homes, and sometimes have ornate decorating in the Gothic tradition.

One way to recoup wrought iron fencing costs is to apply a coat of automobile or marine wax to the fence. This prevents rust from building up and ruining the elaborate, fancy look. Wrought iron fences are, however, more versatile than other fences because they are not susceptible to rotting, warping or insect damage, which are common pitfalls for traditional wooden fences.

Ultimately, the most common fences people have on their property are chain link fences or wooden fences. Chain link fences are fairly inexpensive and simple, as they simply require posts and chain link metal connected together. Wooden fences can be painted or stained, so they are more customizable than some other types of fences, but typically, a custom fence company can put in any type of customized fence on a property for any reason.

At the end of the day, millions and millions of people have fences outside their homes, to allow for more privacy or to keep neighbors out. A common sight is a fence around something like a tennis court, swimming pool or other structure or building, but a fence can virtually be put up anywhere at any time. For more information see this:

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