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New Channel 8

Our house. It is what keeps you dry and safe. An excellent roof is an investment worth it. Don’t go for a cheap roofing that’s going to be leaky over the next few years. What kind of residential roofing material will be the most suitable for you? This video will help you understand how you can choose the ideal roofing material to protect your home.

The most widely used house roofing materials is the three tab architectural shingle. They’re easy and affordable to build. The shingles last between 15 and 20 years. It could last even longer when you purchase thicker shingles. The thicker shingles will be somewhat more expensive.

Wood shingles are the most common type of roof. They are the most popular type of roof in New England. Roofs made of wood expand when they get wet. This is the reason they’re water-tight. They also last around 50 years. They can cost twice as much as regular roofs with shingles.

A metal roof will be the best option if longevity is important for you. The metal roofing system can last to last for 100 years or more! Its durability comes at costs. The cost of these roofs could be at least five times expensive as those with shingle.


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