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New Channel 8

You will need to be able to perform some manual work. The video below explains the role of a shipwelder and gives a brief overview of what it looks like.

This video shows the apprentice welding. His job is at an important shipbuilding facility located in British Columbia. He is able to tackle jobs for big vessels, like the huge research vessel as seen in this clip.

The trainee realized that he wanted to be a welder doing staging at a young age. He felt like an experienced professional with a welding tool, so he determined to attend school to earn a bachelor’s certificate. After graduation, he was offered an apprenticeship of four years at the institution.

The apprentice works alongside a master welder who will check his work and ensure his apprentice is equipped with everything needed to achieve their goals. These experts help the apprentice take his work to the next level.

Welders might utilize the skills and experience they learn to take on various other jobs in the yard. These individuals can go on to become planners, engineers or managers.

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