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New Channel 8

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You have a college degree and maybe some internship experience. So now what? Is a company going to simply hire you right out of the gate for a sales career when they have so many others to choose from?

With a little luck and the right skill sets, the answer to this is absolutely. You want to be noticed. You want to be found by the right recruitment agency. What can you do to make your new career in sales a promising, bright one? Follow these five tips and see your sales and marketing dreams come true.

1. Be part of the 10 percent.

Take a look at all the sales professionals currently working in North America. How many of them will miss their quota? About 40 percent. How many are simply untrainable? About 22 percent. How many will actually provide a sound return on investment for the hiring company? About 10 percent. That is where your sales career comes in.

2. Stick it out.

Now try these numbers. Again, surveying all the sales people in North America, only a third have been with their company for longer than 12 months. How can these companies have such a high turnover rate for sales jobs? Answer: They do not take the time to choose the right ones. Show them that you are worth having around for the long term. Show them that your sales career is just beginning.

3. No experience? No problem.

You can learn the trade quickly from experienced veterans at your new company. What will really make your sales career shine is how well you handle yourself. Be a likeable person and your bosses-to-be will simply want to keep you around because they like working with you. The best sales jobs are worth working for.

4. Bring something to the table.

Can you handle different types of office software? Mention it during your interview. You might be one of just a few sales reps who do, making you a valuable asset. If you can demonstrate that you bring in something currently lacking from the company, your sales career is likely to begin with promise.

5. Be yourself.

Be charming, but never inauthentic. Be confident, but never arrogant. Most of all, just be yourself. Likely, you have been training to work a sales career since college, or at least through past relevant job experiences. Show your employers, show your clients, then show the world. References.

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