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New Channel 8

business to confirm that machines are functioning properly and to ensure your equipment is in compliance with safety standards. If you want to pass an inspection for fire Here’s what you must know.

Examine your exit signals first for sure that your light is always on. Be sure to ensure the backup battery is on. Next, check the emergency lights , which will come on in case of power loss. Making sure you check these lights before inspection time arrives, it permits you to fix what’s damaged or destroyed.

It is recommended to keep copies of all inspection reports you have received in previous years and prepare maintenance plans for any potential issues. Examine your storage units and check that everything is identified and stored appropriately. Remove obstructions from the way and be sure that water valves function.

Examine your electrical system for confirmation that extension cords are appropriately used and computers are equipped with power strips and that all equipment is well maintained. Make sure your sprinkler heads are in good condition to ensure there is 18 inches of clearance between the ceiling and the top of your storage. Also, make sure the signs are clearly showing the exit route. ftrhanjkw1.

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