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Water damage prevention

Damage to a home from water can come from many different sources such as broken pipes, floods, and leaks. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover floods but will usually cover water damage from those other sources.

A lot of people think that water damage will only be related to damage from floods; however, there are many other occurrences that can happen that can be covered by water damage insurance. For instance, should you experience a fire, you may have water damage caused by the water used to put out the fire. Water damage insurance will generally cover this sort of happening.

You may also need water damage insurance in case one of your appliances such as washers or dishwashers malfunction and causes damage such as water damaged carpets. Water damage insurance can also cover damages that result from broken or leaking pipes.

Water damage insurance will not cover damage if it is a result of failure to maintain the home properly or negligence on the part of the homeowner. Most water damage insurance companies will probably have a hard time proving negligence or lack of maintenance. Most will approve a first time claim for water damage insurance, but may not be as willing to approve second or third claims. Also, many water damage insurance policies will not approve a claim if it is found that your home was not properly heated causing the pipes to burst.

It is interesting to note that should you experience water damage from a leaky roof that was not properly maintained, the water damage would be covered, but not the roof. Alternatively, if the roof is damaged by something like high winds, the roof will probably be covered as well as the damage caused by water.

It is important to understand your policy to make sure that you do have the proper insurance for water damage and flood damages. It is a good idea to contact your insurance agent to discuss water damage insurance that can keep you covered. Additionally, when you do have water damage insurance, make sure that your home is properly maintained so that should you have to make a claim there will be no reason your insurer has to deny your claim. Find out more at this site.

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