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New Channel 8

houses. As a structures are constructed it is essential that heat transfer be considered. We will be looking at the whole process.

If buildings are built to be built, they have to be designed to keep the interior temperature at a comfortable level, regardless of whether the temperature outside is extremely. To do this, the structure of the building should contemplate how heat transfer will effect the building. If you live in a hot area, it will attempt to get into the building, through heat transfer. Engineers must be aware of this and come up with a strategy to ensure that it stays cool. Although air conditioning can be an excellent solution to temperatures, it is not meant to be the sole tool used to fight the scorching heat.

The other important aspect to take into account when it comes to heat transfer, is the location of the structure. The location of the building will vary. world , the sun’s radiation is likely to be either more or less intense. When building your home, it is important to take the sun’s position into consideration so you can build it in a way to allow for heat transfer the proper way.


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