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Are you a gearhead who is sick and tired of having to listen to political commentary, old rock music, and modern, over produced pop garbage? If so, why not listen to auto radio stations while you drive? They can fill your need for car info while keeping your passengers engaged with new information they themselves can use. Here are the top three reasons you should be listening to an auto radio show.

  1. They Are Fun
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    The number one reason consumers listen to any type of radio is for the fun. The famed Car talk radio show offers this sense of enjoyment to its listeners. Many people hear “car talk radio” and assume it is going to be a couple of guys talking in jargon about their favorite vehicle. While that is sometimes the case, the team of Click and Clack, more often than not tell amusing stories and poke fun at their guests’ expense. This makes things interesting both for the listeners and callers.

  3. Car Information for the General Public
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    Automotive radio plays an important role for many Americans who have no idea what the difference is between their radiator and air conditioning unit. Radio car shows like Car Talk Radio and the C.A.R. Show take a variety of calls from people who just want to know what is going on with their car. Some issues are as simple as replacing the brake line while others are as complex as needing to replace the compressed suspension. Some callers are able to do the repairs themselves while others are given the information to effectively maneuver around seedy repair shops.

  5. Self Repair Information for the Car Buff
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    While a lot of information provided by auto radio shows like Car Talk is aimed at the mass consumer audience, there is a huge amount of value to be found in these shows for gearheads. Both shows have been known to take calls from very experienced hobbyists who know how to set their cars up to run like a dream. Just like anyone else these people will occasionally hit snags. Since two heads are often better than one they make the call to the pros at Car Talk and the C.A.R. Show.

Whether car repair and modification is old hat for you or you are a shining neophyte, making use of auto radio can be a great way to learn. Car Talk Radio is well known for its universal appeal to families and gearheads alike. So, the next time you are driving turn off the overproduced pop junk and switch over to your favorite source of auto radio!

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  1. Just a side note, Car Talk was canceled last year but they still have reruns playing on NPR and such.

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