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Healthy dog treats

Did you know that the nose print of a dog is just as unique as a human finger print, and could be used to identify them? Though it is unlikely your dog will be committing any crimes and getting their nose stamped for booking anytime soon. Over a third of owners give a birthday present to their dog, and often these gifts are food. One type of gift you can consider for your dog is homemade dog treats. These are treats you can make from healthy ingredients, and they can be a fun activity to do with children as well. What are some things you should keep in mind?

First, there are a lot of dog treat recipes online you can use. Using a recipe is wise, since it will give you an idea of the proper ingredients for a treat, as well as proportions. Some online retailers also sell mixes that help you create healthy treats quickly and easily. Healthy dog treats can have ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, flax seed, cinnamon, peanut butter, rolled oats and more. Peanut butter dog treats are often a healthy yet tasty choice.

Second, have fun with your recipes. Many dogs love peanut butter dog treats, and these can be made to suit a variety of nutritional and dietary needs. Before you cook your peanut butter dog treats, you can even create a traditional crisscross fork pattern on the top so that they resemble real peanut butter cookies.

Third, remember to be careful when you make your treats to avoid ingredients that can be dangerous or unhealthy for your dog. These are foods you should always avoid feeing to your dog, and they include onions, baby food, cheese ,milk, chocolate, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes. Sugar, salt, cheese and milk are not life threatening for your pet, but are foods dogs are sensitive to and can cause sickness or contribute to obesity issues.

Chocolate, walnuts and grapes are poisonous to dogs, and onions can cause anemia for reasons unknown. Make sure when making, for example, peanut butter dog treats that you are not including potentially dangerous nuts as well. Although it is probably obvious, dogs with gluten sensitivity should be given gluten free dog treats.

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