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Search engine optimization by a local company

Many small businesses’ marketing budgets are nominal, rarely getting their fair slice. Advertising costs a lot of money, after all, and only some small businesses can afford something as simple as a local TV spot. However, thanks to the Internet, there are tons of small business marketing solutions that are available now more than ever.

In fact, many of these small business marketing solutions that utilize the Internet are more effective than other traditional marketing strategies. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) advertisements have an estimated 14.6% close rate, in comparison to the measly 1.7% close rate on general direct advertisements.

Here are just a few online marketing solutions that a small business can use to get their name out there!

Search Engine Marketing.

According to Marketingcharts, an estimated 39% of retail customers in the U.S. come directly from the use of a search engine, which means that if a website can be found easily enough through a search engine, then it can generate much more revenue. One way to target these web users who are already looking to buy is through search engine marketing, which involves the promotion of a website through an increase in online visibility by boosting a site’s search engine rankings. One easy way to do this is to hire an affordable search marketing agency.


Did you know that on average, a company that blogs has 434% more indexed pages online than those who don’t? Basically, a site that blogs is bigger, and can be found by search engines more easily. The easier a site is to find, the better ranked it will be. As previously mentioned, the better ranked a site is, the more business it can generate. Thusly, by starting a free blog for your site, you can get more web traffic that eventually becomes more customers. Of the small business marketing solutions that can be done through the Internet, this is one of the most popular and effective Internet marketing solutions.

Social Media Marketing.

Social media accounts are also easy online marketing solutions in that they’re free and can be maintained by anyone. Social media accounts makes for excellent small business marketing solutions because they build brand awareness and customer trust. Plus, they go hand in hand with the other small business marketing solutions. You can post your blogs to social media accounts, which earns more hits for both, for example.

Indeed, the Internet offers a treasure trove of small business marketing solutions. If you have any questions about these small business marketing solutions mentioned in the article, feel free to ask in the comments. More like this article.

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