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New Channel 8

Grain-Free Pet Food” describes how this nutritional trend came to be so well-known and how it then declined. The article will provide more information.

Owners of dog breeds want to offer their pets the best nutrition they can, but it isn’t easy to get accurate information. Foods for dogs that are grain free was popular in the past however, many came forward to debunk the claims about the benefits of this particular option. Did it really exist as a scam? It was a marketing trick? or is it safe for your dog?

Grain-free options became the best natural food option for dogs when they began to be available everywhere. As per Ryan Yamka, a board-certified specialist in companion animal nutrition the carbohydrate in grain is one which can be substituted with various other ingredients. The results are almost similar. Millet is the most popular trend, although Yamka states that it’s more digestive than wheat. This means that dog owners wind in buying a much more costly equivalent kibble.

It is possible to watch the rest of the video for more details about grain free diets for dogs.


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