New Channel 8

New Channel 8

Did you know that television news remains the primary news source of 42 percent of Americans? Now that 80 percent of Americans have access to the internet, and that half of all Americans own some sort of smart phone or iOS device, you would think that number would be considerably lower. Regardless, a huge segment of society continues to favor television news over internet news and print. Why is this?

Although most people will never admit it, as twisted as it may seem, they are fascinated with sensational live television news coverage. Whether they choose ABC news, NBC local news, or local new Channel 8 Tampa, if it is current and sensational, they will watch it. This is not to say that all people choose to watch television news for the most gruesome, sensation coverage. In fact, there are still thousands of Americans who choose a station like new Channel 8 Tampa to avoid sensational, over hyped news coverage.

While Channel 8 news will cover occasional stories that can be considered sensational, any component of sensationalism is attributed to the inherent nature of the story, not to hype. Unlike many cable news stations, the format of local news does not allow them to spend hours building up and hyping sensational courtroom dramas. Thus, local news is basically the territory of viewers who prefer to hear about the news that is most relevant to them, such as local weather and sports.

This is in no way meant to put down people who derive some form of pleasure from sensational news stories, as twisted as it may be, because we all have the urge to rubber neck every now and then. Still, local news 8 does cover the most culturally significant national news stories, such as the Trayvon Martin trial and George Zimmerman acquittal. They simple stick to the facts rather than the hype.

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