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Have you ever considered the advantages of hosting forums on your website? According to AKA, forums can allow you to get educational feedback on your site, increase your site’s traffic through repeat visitors, obtain email addresses, and build relationships with your site’s visitors.

But let’s back up for a second, and explain what a forums and a forum directory are. Forums are Internet discussion pages where users can hold conversations by making posts in a conversation style. These discussion boards date as far back as 1983, and are still in existence even today! Most forums open to a forum directory, where users can quickly and easily find sticky threads, hot topics, post questions, start conversations or find relevant conversations to their interests. Sticky threads are topics that are important, but rarely receive posts, and appear in front of the normal threads on a site. These readers will often rate a forum page based on navigability, quality of conversation, and the quality of the web page, and the forum rating is posted near the thread’s title.

There are plenty of free discussion forums available online, but there is also Internet forum software available, so that you can host your own discussion boards. Hosting your own discussion boards will allow you to easily generate fresh content at little effort, because your users will do most of the work for you! Because of this content, your search engine optimization will increase as well.

Of course, you can find that spam might creep up in your forum directory, but with the help of moderators, who often are willing to work for free or cheaply, you can keep this at a minimum. There is no wrong reason to host a forum directory on your site, and doing so will only help further your Internet business advantages.

If you have any questions about discussion boards or a forum directory, feel free to ask in the comments! What are your thoughts and opinions regarding a forum directory? Do you have any experience with discussion boards? Post your stories!

2 thoughts on “The Many Advantages of Hosting Discussion Boards on Your Site

  1. Internet forums are definitely underrated. They’re the best place to go for any reviews or information I find.

  2. Internet forums are definitely underrated. They’re the best place to go for any reviews or information I find.

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