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Though television news channels are no longer the primary source of news for a growing number of Americans, there are certain channels who are embracing online news as a great source of revenue and marketing. New channel 8 DC is one of those channels. Affiliated with ABC news, the channel 8 news boasts an excellent website, dedicated to providing up to the minute information for users about all manner of subjects.

New channel 8 DC provides information not only about local D.C. news, but about national and world news. Users can find all they need to know about the stories featured on the news channel itself, as well as in depth information about local weather and traffic. News channel 8 anchors even refer viewers to the website for more information about particular stories.

Understanding why new channel 8 DC has so readily embraced the web is not difficult. As more and more users make use of the internet as a primary source of information, news organizations rely thoroughly on their television time slots are less able to compete. Instead, they must learn how to combine traditional television news with today’s online component. New channel 8 DC has done just that.

A glimpse at the site’s home page reveals links to greater detail and supplementary material about all the breaking news covered on the channel. Users can watch interviews and news stories they saw on television as well as view related articles and stories. They can also, however, access new information about other stories that were given only short slots on new channel 8 DC.

Perhaps the most useful elements of the site are the weather and traffic pages which draw many users. Detailed forecasts are provided that go beyond what is featured on new channel 8 DC, as are detailed traffic reports. In fact, the traffic reports are even accompanied by maps and live video footage.

As more and more channels like new channel 8 DC begin to embrace online news, Americans will have better options for discovering more about local, regional, national, and world news. Thankfully, stations like new channel 8 DC are paving the way.

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