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New Channel 8

trade because it is always in-demand and tradesmen are well compensated. There are also disadvantages that make working in the field difficult. This video will explain some of the hardest parts of being an electrician.

It is important to wake at a suitable time so that you can do your task. Meaning, you need to get up before the sun sets, early. The majority of people rise in the morning between 6 am and 3 am every day. The work environment is another factor. You may be working outside specifically on construction projects which means you’re in the elements throughout the period of the day.

At times, you may be stuck in a drab basement or in any other space that is not used often. You may encounter cockroaches, rats, cobwebs and various other unpleasant creatures while you are working in the underbelly of the building.

Work hours are another risk. Any project that’s not effectively managed from the start must be completed. This could lead to long work hours as well as pressure that is growing.

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