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New Channel 8

asis. Lori Maas, the Design Centers Manager at California Pools and Landscape, discusses the fundamentals of waterline tile and how to decide which one is best to meet your requirements.

The waterline tile is usually installed near the bottom in the pool. However, it may be seen in a variety of places. Tiles made of waterline are also available for use on the walls of a raised pool and on other parts of the pool.

Usually , it is made of porcelain or glass, waterline tile is fabulous and practical. It’s stunning, and assists in protecting your pool from sun and chemicals that can cause damage. Additionally, it makes it easier for cleaningand comes in virtually any color you’re able to imagine. You want an eerie blue feel to your pool? Blue waterline tile will enhance the hue of the pool and create that more vivid look.

There are a myriad of tiles to pick from. Your pool can be special and offer your children an entire lifetime of memories. nw5polx5wd.

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