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Appearing in France around 1850, child care facilities known as the Societe des Crèches (Society of Nativity) were first recognized by the French government in 1869. In the United States, early child care and daycare programs originated with the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century, beginning with the first established daycare program in 1854, known as the New York Day Nursery. During the World War Two era, the U.S. Federal Government sponsored day care for about 400,000 pre k curriculum children. Today, enrolling children into pre k curriculum and other daycare programs alike are extremely common among American families.

Every day, the average two year old child adds around 5 new words to their vocabulary day, and are generally more active at this age than at any other point in their life. There’s research that suggests stimulating the brain development of children with preschool and day care programs can be very beneficial to their future success. Recent research shows that children who experienced high-quality, early childhood education programs are more likely to own a home, have a job and earn at least $5,000 more in annual income than the comparable group of children who didn’t receive pre-kindergarten education. Additional studies show that children enrolled in pre k curriculum and child care are almost 25% more likely to attend a four-year college.

Furthermore, the benefits involved with daycare and preschool programs are not only involved financial and higher-education success. Additional research shows Children in quality preschool programs are less likely to repeat grades, need special education, or get into future trouble with the law. If that’s not enough to impress you, a recent study of low-income children in the city of Chicago found that those who had attended preschool were 28 percent less-likely to develop alcohol and other drug addictions.

Child care programs aren’t just for young children either. Many children in middle school are not independent or responsible enough to care for themselves after school, in which case it’s a smart idea to take advantage of day care programs for their age group, too. Parents can feel less worrisome about their children after school when they are involved in such programs. Additionally, kids will have an opportunity to meet new friends and maintain an active, social lifestyle while they wait for their parents to get home from work. Good refereneces.

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