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methods to cool your roof, other than replacing it. One option is to install insulation. Roof insulation is a must if your ceilings are located on the roof deck such as for cathedral ceilings. Cool roof coatings and coated roofs of metal are alternative options for roof cooling.
2. Insulated siding

The DOE is recommending that any house is properly insulated beginning at the roof and ending at the foundation for the highest efficiency in energy use. Local siding that is insulated has become a common option for adding insulation to the exterior walls of a house. A popular option for homeowners is vinyl siding that comes with backer made of foam. Insulated siding reduces the possibility of thermal bridging. This is in which energy gets lost due to conductive materials such as the wood studs inside homes. 25percent of houses comprise wood studs. That’s equivalent to about one whole wall without insulation. The DOE advises homeowners who are replacing the exterior siding to consider putting to the insulation.

According to research of Newport Ventures, installing insulated vinyl siding and a weatherproof barrier to existing homes can reduce air infiltration by an average of 12%. Energy savings averaged 5.5 percent. A boost in energy efficiency can be achieved by cutting down on air infiltration. This is especially the case when considering that 35 percent of energy loss is through walls. Roofs account for 25% for 25 percent. Insulated siding is made of high-grade materials, so it provides better protection against the effects of warping, damage or fading. Lawnstarter estimates that the cost of insulated vinyl is between $6 to $12.66 per square feet. Siding services will charge between $1.06 and $2.50 for each square foot to cover labour costs.

3. Ceiling fans can be mounted

Ceiling fans move cool air all over your home by cooling it. The fans’ spinning will bring your home to life since they remove stagnant air. According to DOE ceiling fans let you to raise the temperature setting to around 4degF and without changing the setting.


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