New Channel 8

New Channel 8

New Channel 8 Tulsa is an ABC News affiliate channel that has been broadcasting since 1954. At first, it broadcast out of a converted grocery score in Muskogee. The station was the first to hire a female chief meterologist in Tulsa. Today, ABC news Channel 8 is online, and I will be reviewing their website for its functionality and design appeal.

As far as first impressions go, the header at the top of the Channel 8 News page is a modern, shaded black that correctly fills the entire space. They have useful, though oddly shaded, tabs for home, news, weather, entertainment, video, sports, lifestyle, seen on 8, and your perfect home.

When it comes to general front page layout of ABC News Channel 8, the sections feel a bit hodge podge. The left side is well formatted, and features a top headline with accompanying colorful image, as well as a weather update by Jennifer with easy to understand icons, which compares rather favorably to other news sites I have reviewed.

The right side, however, features a lot of unnecessary white space that might be the result of poorly written code, since it almost seems like it is supposed to have images or videos, but does not. Farthest to the right is text that says 12 Years ago several times, and I am not even sure what it is referring to or why it would be on the front page of a news channel that prides itself on the latest news. It links to nothing. Another code error?

Something I like when I scroll down ABC News channel 8 online is a pop out text that says it is a recommended story for me. It gives the page a personal feel without getting in the way or being something I have to x out, since it retreats back to the side once I stop scrolling.

Picking a tab at random, I like the layout and the intention of Your Perfect Home tab since it presents a lot of information that many viewers will find instructive. However, I thought it appeared a little ad heavy overall and did not offer as much unbiased advice as I would maybe like to see if I were actually interested in improving my home. On the other hand, it does give a lot of good ideas of where to start if you are looking for home improvement companies.

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