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Pack rat storage

According to the US Bureau of the Census, over 15 percent of the population relocates each year. This does not come as a surprise to most, due to the corporate nature of the sorts of jobs many Americans work. A required military move is also a common scenario, for men and women involved in the armed forces.

Relocation assignments and promotion opportunities occur all the time, and cross country moves are not all too uncommon. In fact, a relocation due to a job that is at least 50 miles away can be deducted as a moving expense when filing taxes.

This always on the move climate in America has given rise to a new method of transporting belongings from one state to another, moving pods.

Moving pods double as moving trucks and temporary storage devices. When it comes time to start packing, a pods moving company can be called. They will drop off what looks like a storage shed, this is the pod.

From there, a family is able to pack and load their pods storage at their leisure. If movers are hired, it is general protocol that they ask to see all of the furniture which needs to be loaded (to gain an accurate estimate) before the job is executed.

The moving pods company will return upon request, either to ship the pod to a secure storage warehouse, or drive it to the destination of the move. Families find this convenient because arrangements can be more easily made to travel together.

Two tips to keep in mind when it comes time to hire a moving pods service are to… 1.) schedule your moving date for the middle of the month. Rates are typically cheaper then, and 2.) keep all valuables like cash, jewelry, collectibles, photographs, and important documents on your person during the move. It is not advised to keep them on the moving pods or sent ahead by a trackable shipment service.

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