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New Channel 8

Turers are all around all over. The major issue in clothing production is the large power consumption. The high energy usage has made it necessary to look towards eco friendly clothes. In this article, we will discuss some materials suitable for making eco-friendly clothes in this article.

The first material we will discuss is cotton. Organic cotton is completely free of hazardous chemicals. This makes it an excellent substance. It is also one of the disadvantages of cotton production. The amount of water utilized in production is very high and it needs a great deal of sources to increase its production.

Tencel is another type of material could be used in clothes. Tencel is a fiber made of wood. That is one of its benefits. The wood is sourced from different trees. Tencel wood can be obtained from managed responsibly forests.

And, lastly, the material that we’ll examine is linen. Flax plants produce linen which is a naturally occurring fiber. When it comes to the use of linen, there aren’t any chemicals used in the extraction of the fibers.


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