New Channel 8

New Channel 8

Let me introduce you to the new Channel 8 Tulsa, to your source for ABC news, Channel 8 news. If you are accustomed to getting your news at a set time every day, waiting for the news to be delivered to you in a convenient little parcel that you can digest and move on, you are living in the past. It is time that you came to realize that news waits for no one. Updates can happen at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

As someone who cares about being constantly updated on all of the happenings in news both local and global, you need to branch out. You need to get your news from a more timely source and cannot rely on the hour or two of news a day on television, or a printed newspaper distributed once a day. You need to take advantage of the amazing technology that our society has created and get your news online.

The idea may be alien to you, so it may seem like a new Channel 8 Tulsa, but their online news presence has been around for some time. It is the concept of not relying on news at a certain time that is unfamiliar, but one that you should embrace. With the convenience of the internet, we have access to news at any time, updated constantly, as it happens. We never need to worry about news that is hours old again.

On the website for Channel 8 you have countless options for just what kind of news you want to view, and how to view them. On the Home Page you have the newest headlines, hourly weather and any weather advisories scrolling across the top. You can look at the top ten video news stories, or scroll down to view news divided into categories. There is Entertainment, Crime Headlines, Oklahoma Headlines, U.S. and World News, and so much more to discover.

So stop getting your news like it is the 50s. Everyone has access to the internet, so everyone has access to timely and accurate news. Embrace the technology and take advantage of the opportunity. You can never claim to be uninformed again when you can just access Channel 8 online for their latest updates. Whether you want to learn the latest on the post coupe riots in Egypt, or the arrest in relation to the Craigslist ad robberies, you will find them there.

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