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Kitchen remodeling on a budget is much easier said than done. Remodeling estimates tend to blow homeowners away, with the average cost to remodel kitchens coming in at $45,000. Though some home remodeling services offer affordable kitchen remodeling, many homeowners prefer to look into even more affordable kitchen remodeling ideas. Here, well look at a few secrets for cutting a kitchen remodel bill by as much as 40%.

Secrets of Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

  1. Keep the kitchen’s shape. Most kitchens come in either one-wall, corridor, L-shape, or U-shape layouts. While you might think your existing shape isn’t working, the problem is more likely in the arrangement of your services. Save big by retaining your shape but rearranging its components.
  2. Keep appliances where they are. If that really isn’t doable, at least try to limit their movement. Any time you have to move plumbing, gas, or electrical, your cost and timeline will skyrocket. Some appliances, like dishwashers, are a little more mobile than you might realize, though.
  3. Choose flooring wisely. Function is more important than form in this case. High-end hardwoods might look stunning, but they’re just going to soak up spills on top of adding to your bill. Pick something that resists water like vinyl sheet, tile, or laminate.
  4. Don’t go custom. Stock kitchen cabinets are getting better all the time, and they’re much less expensive than custom cabinetry. Save even more by simply refacing your old cabinetry instead of installing new components.
  5. Don’t get carried away on countertops. Concrete, stainless steel, and stone can be very expensive. Ceramic tile might be a better option, and laminate is even less expensive.
  6. Say no to rewiring. A complete rewire of your kitchen will take up at least a quarter of your budget. As long as your system is safe and can carry the current load, you’re probably in good shape. Think twice before installing power-sucks like double ovens, enormous ranges, and trash compactors.
  7. Avoid permits when possible. If it requires a permit, it’s going to take time and plenty of money. Any plumbing, electrical, or change to exterior walls will need a permit, and will add up. By all means, get permits when you need them, but if you can, avoid projects that require permits in the first place.

Affordable kitchen remodeling is more accessible than you might have realized. In the end, it comes down to evaluating your needs and wants. A real budget saver might not give you your dream kitchen, but it can provide a much needed facelift. Continue reading here.

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