New Channel 8

New Channel 8

It is possible to install it yourself by following these steps found on the House Improvements YouTube channel.

Vinyl siding solutions can reduce time and cost if you don’t have the appropriate tools.

Do not apply the nail to tight as it will have to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Nailing them too tightly can result in the siding to buckle and then break. Put the nail in the center of the slots for siding. Use two inch galvanized roofing nails.

Set the largest pieces on doors and windows first. It’s easier to change smaller pieces.

Do not place the corner posts above the roof line so that they’re secured against the shingles. Water must be allowed to drain across the corners. In the wrong situation, it could cause leaks on the roof.

Made a mistake? You can easily remove the siding piece using an instrument for zip. Fit the tool’s blade under the edge of the lock, and then pull away. Move the tool across locks and release them. You can then take the nails off. ebtntzkil1.

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