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Walk in bath prices

Thomas MacAvity of Saint John, New Brunswick, patented the vortex flushing toilet in 1907. The design creates a self cleaning aspect to the flush. Since MacAvity, engineers have come up with all kinds of new designs for function, look, and efficiency of bathroom fixtures.

Many people today are investing in water efficient toilets and new shower bases. These simple changes can help you save space and money over time. Water efficient toilets, bathroom vanities and sinks can save an average family up to 100 dollars a year on their water and sewage bills. Water saving toilets are designed to use a minimum amount of water and maximum power for flushing. This makes them much nicer on our environment as well.

Once you have found the most efficient bathroom fixtures, it is time to consider appearance and function. By purchasing a new, well designed shower base you can save space in your bathroom, increase the safety of getting into the bathtub, and create a spa feel. You may be able to find great prices on corner bath tubs that do not waste any space, and can be large enough to accommodate two people. It can make a great substitute to that spa Jacuzzi.

If you are looking to increase safety rather than luxury with new shower bases, then a walk in bathtub may be for you. Walk in bathtubs provide a door that will open in or out based on your preference. The door will ensure you do not slip trying to climb in and out of the shower or bath. The door will create a water tight seal when closed so you will not have to worry about slipping on wet floors either. These have proven to be much safer than your typical shower bases, and are worth the cost for people with limited mobility.

Whether you are looking to save money with pressure assisted toilets, the safety of walk in tubs, or the spa feel of new fiber glass shower bases, you will be happy to have made the investment. It is shown that homeowners that invest in kitchen and bathroom remodels experience the greatest return on resale. New shower bases and toilets are not only a nice upgrade to your life, but are also a great financial choice. Research your local contractors or self install products today. You will not be sorry you made the switch.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Your Bathroom Look High End and Perform with High Effeciency

  1. With three daughters in my house the water efficient bathroom fixtures have saved me more than 100 dollars a year. And the value of my home has gone up significantly.

  2. These upgrades make sense for commercial bathrooms but not for my little house. My toilet works just fine for now.

  3. These upgrades make sense for commercial bathrooms but not for my little house. My toilet works just fine for now.

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