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Now more than ever, eCommerce represents a viable way for businesses of all types to attract new customers and increase their revenues. According to eMarketer, global eCommerce surpassed $1 trillion in sales for the first time in 2012. By 2017, according to Forbes, American eCommerce is expected to top $370 billion, representing over 50% total growth over current numbers. Finding effective ways to access those huge numbers, as many are finding out, is easier said than done.

Of course, the most important step in generating any online revenue is building eCommerce websites. As SC Magazine points out, however, having a simple eCommerce solution is not enough in this day and age. Consumers want convenience, but they also want security, thanks to the $110 billion, according to Symantec, lost every year to consumer cybercrime. If you want to improve the convenience and security offered by your own eCommerce web design, here are three of the best ways to do so.

  1. Simplify Your Filters
  2. Yahoo! Small Business Advisor recommends all businesses rework their eCommerce web design by simplifying the way their filters work. This could mean merchandising all of your products; categorizing them so that consumers can more easily find what they are looking for. However, it also means making it easier to choose variations on the same product. For example, say your company sells sweaters in four different colors. You need to make it easy for your customers to find and choose what they want. As AddShoppers points out, “When a customer becomes lost, you’ve just lost a customer.”

  3. Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly
  4. If you want your web-based business to succeed, then you need to make sure your eCommerce web development considers mobile users. Recent statistics from IronPaper show that 10.6% of eCommerce was generated by mobile users in 2013. However, only 11% of the marketers spending most on their advertising actually have a site that is ready for mobile. However you go about eCommerce web design, make sure your site is responsive so that it can be used on any device.

  5. Build More Secure Payment Systems
  6. According to Ponemon Institute, some businesses lost $46 million as a result of cybercrime in 2012. Statistics from the FBI show 280,000 reported cases of consumer cybercrime in the same year. If you want to protect your customers and yourself from cybercriminals, then you need to implement better security measures through your eCommerce website design software. SC Magazine recommends using multi-factor authentication, out-of-band identity verification, and anomaly detection programs to better secure your eCommerce web design.

If you want to improve your web sales, then improve your eCommerce web design. By improving convenience, for mobile and traditional shoppers, along with your security measures, you can only improve your revenue. Get more here:

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