New Channel 8

New Channel 8

You can tow larger vehicles through this model. (Watch the following video below to know more). This includes trucks, buses, and vehicles over 40,000. Tractor-trailers can also be considered trucks with heavy duty towing capabilities. These vehicles are some ones that are the most risky on the roads.

Heavy-duty trucks need of power and strength in order to lift this kind of vehicle. Thus, these trucks come equipped with powerful engines. These trucks need the use of a winch they can be attached to vehicle. They’re not able to drive or attach to regular tow trucks like regular tow trucks. They need to be pulled away from the vehicle they’re supporting with a powerful winch. There are various kinds of winches that are available.

Hydraulic winches (which use hydraulic pressure). Electric winches (which use electricity). Pneumatic winches (which employ pressurized air). Hand winches (which use human power)

The best towing trucks are those that can handle heavy duty. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so a heavy duty tow truck driver should know when to employ which. Contact us for more information!


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