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There are currently over 22 million sales professionals in North America. Nearly every business company needs sales representatives to sell their products or services to customers and clients. It may be too much for an owner to have to deal with all the tasks of running the company as well as attempt to bring in clients and customers. This is why you may need to hire a sales rep. Not sure how to find the right one or even how to go about the process? Here are some quick tips on how to hire sales reps.

  • Start by Looking, Not by Waiting
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    Do not wait for sales reps looking for employment to come to your door. Initiate the search yourself and know exactly what you are looking for. Many sales reps are specialized in a field, so start by pinpointing what kind seller you need. Attend trade shows, contact business schools or sales agencies, communicate with other companies, etc.

  • Accumulate Prospects
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    Once you start you search, you should begin to accumulate a number of potential prospects. But, when hiring a sales rep, first does not mean best. Build a list of far more agents than you could ever possibly interview and then whittle down the number to only the cream of the crop.

  • Interview to Determine Character
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    The interview process is not just about reviewing performance. You can already see their attributes and history on their resume. What you need to focus on is character. Is this sales rep loyal? About 32% of all current sales reps have been with their company for less than a year. Do you want someone who is liable to jump ship often? How about aggressiveness and determination? Amazingly, almost 20% of all sales leads are ever followed up on. Determine what kind of person your interviewee is, and if they are a match for what your company needs.

  • Use Recruiting Firms
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    If this hiring process may be too much for you to handle in a small company, a sales recruitment firm may be your answer. Recruitment firms are experts in the knowing how to hire sales reps and take over such parts of the hiring process such as research, interviewing and data management. They take care of the tough stuff, while also providing continuing services such as sales management and training. Search agents typically have a wide range of contacts in the industry or field of specialty that could be called in and hired at a moments notice.

    So, think you know how to hire sales reps yet? It can be a daunting process, but by being proactive and seeking out assistance if needed, you will find that perfect sales representative.

6 thoughts on “Four Basics of Hiring a Sales Representative

  1. I have never used a sales recruitment firm but it seems like a good option for someone like me is often way to busy to take the proper time to search for new hires.

  2. A good sales rep is gonna make the difference between turning all those fringe clients into yeses.

  3. A good sales rep is gonna make the difference between turning all those fringe clients into yeses.

  4. A good sales rep is gonna make the difference between turning all those fringe clients into yeses.

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