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In popular culture, stock exchanges are scenes of pure madness: men in ties and women in pantsuits screaming into telephones, making outlandish hand gestures to each other as scores of crumpled papers flutter around them in a hot breeze. The reality of it is not quite as cinematic, though it is just as chaotic. But where to begin? Here are five share investment tips to get you started on your way to stock market superiority.

1. The New York Stock Exchange is perhaps the most notable stock exchange in the United States and one of the most widely known in the world. Despite this notoriety, the NYSE was not the first exchange created in America, as the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, founded in 1790, predates it by a full 27 years. Now that the history lesson is out of the way, how does it all work?

2. A stock market is also known as an equity market. How to invest in the stock market starts with this market, which is a public entity where individual shares of company are traded for an agreed price. One of the best share investment tips available to you, as one of the many stock market investors, is to know when to invest. So, how do you know?

3. In order to make money in stock market shares, you have to know what are you getting yourself into. You join scores of retail investors, mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and hedge funds who are also attempting to cash in through their market investment. Additionally, publicly traded companies also invest in their own shares.

4. Here are some good share investment tips. Familiarize yourself with the different ways the market can be divided. This can happen by company size, which is measured by market capitalization, sector and different types of growth patterns.

5. So, which ones are the best buys? Typically, any stock with a moderately above-average growth rate and a reasonable valuation will be a smart investment. Keep your eyes open for these investment opportunities while the shares are still cheap.

With these quick share investment tips, some more research and a little luck, you could be on your way to stock market success. Remember to invest wisely. Consult a professional for more advice on practical share investment tips. For more about this, go here:

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