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New Channel 8

2. As a remedy for the addiction to opioids. Suboxone therapies, when employed in combination with medications, can reduce patients’ withdrawal symptoms and addiction cravings. They also block adverse effects caused by the other opioids used previously while avoiding the euphoric feelings that can create dependence.

Suboxone effects can last until 24 hours and is best used every day for a single dose. Suboxone is available in three strengths: two-milligram tablet, eight-milligram tablet filmstrips, and eight-milligram. It is administered by placing the tablet under the tongue, where it completely dissolves. Filmstrip is the preferred Suboxone dosage method. It dissolves faster and it can be used more frequently than tablets.

What can patients do to Prepare For the Treatment?

Patients are advised not to eat or drink alcohol, nor smoke for a period of 30 minutes prior to beginning treatment with Suboxone because those activities could interfere with Absorption. Obstructive behaviors that cause obstruction include chewing or smoking dipping tobacco. The coverage and the use of insurance to cover suboxone cost depends on whether the medication is included on the plan’s individual drug list or is medically required.


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