New Channel 8

New Channel 8

es the ins and outs of eating at a Korean steakhouse.

First, pay close attention to the way you cook your meat. At Korean barbecue restaurants, your chief chef is the one who cooks the food. You will be provided with slices of thinly cut meat by the server, which you will cook at your own. Keep an eye on the grill , so that you don’t burn!

There is no need to serve your dinner with knives. To slice everything in Korea the use of scissors, even the floors. Get ready to grill with two scissors in one hand, with chopsticks on the other.

Your server will deliver appetizers prior to ordering. You don’t have to worry about them – they will not be added onto your bill. A la carte appetizers at Korean barbecue restaurant are free!

Lettuce is provided to make wraps of lettuce for your main course. Put your food, condiments or sauces on the wrap then fold the wrap over. After that, place it in your mouth. Take everything in one go else things can get messy!

Korean barbecue doesn’t just apply to meat. There are stews, noodles, and many other meals served make sure you have a big appetite.


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