New Channel 8

New Channel 8

It is more so if you tend to be uncoordinated and clumsy. This video shows a man who is trying to flee from a police officer. They do fall a couple of times. They might have been better in calling a bail organization.

At Sacramento, California there was an investigation into a missing person. The incident began with a normal traffic stop. The suspect fled the incident so quickly that he hit the curb, and later lost his tire. The car was older and it was too hot to drive. It eventually broke and the driver fled on foot. This quite quickly proved to be unwise. The driver fell face-first on the road after which he arose to sprint again. He raced through the streets to try to escape the police. It was only temporary.

The police were setting up an area of protection until one deputies noticed the suspect she was looking for sitting in the fetal position on the porch of a house. He was quickly found and took him into custody, earning the praise of the homeowner who was confused about how to do with someone who had been robbed on her porch.


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