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When your company needs a portal, program, or application, did you know that there are different types of software that might be exactly what you need? A software development company can help you sort through the available options, and design a custom solution for you. Different types of software can help you manage content, make sales online, or manage referrals. Here are three types of software that your business could benefit from.

  • CMS software
  • CMS stands for “content management system,” and it is a quickly becoming the modern way to run a website. CMS software allows you to maintain a website behind the scenes and make whatever small changes are necessary to keep it up to date. A CMS software solution may help you avoid going to a web designer every time that you need to add a new phone number, or update information on your website.

  • Shopping cart software
  • Any business that needs to sell products or services online, and wants to give customers the opportunity to complete their purchases on an online interface, will want to utilize shopping cart software. Good software will accurately and efficiently calculate totals, account for taxes, postage and packing charges, and seamlessly integrate with your web server. The best shopping cart software will be easy for your clients and back-end users to work with.

  • Referral management software
  • For health care practitioners, managing referrals can be a huge undertaking in terms of paperwork, data entry, and phone calls. Software development companies can help automate and better track referrals with custom management software. It may be as simple as an electronic referral form that compiles patient records, notes, and communications into one place.

Whatever types of project management software you need, there is a company that can create them. From online proposal software, or business management software, you could make almost any process in your organization easier with a software solution. Continue reading here:

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