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The number of visits to a U.S. based emergency room is estimated to be at around 110 million each year. Not all of the people who visit emergency rooms each year actually have good reason to be there, however. In fact, the CDC has found through a study it recently conducted that 48 percent of adults who visited the ER but who never were formally admitted said they showed up at an ER because their doctors’ offices were closed or their primary care physicians were unavailable. For these patients, the ER was their only viable option. But increasingly, so are Washington urgent care facilities.

Take Kent urgent care centers as a viable example of this trend toward visiting urgent care centers rather than clogging the area’s ERs. Many Kent urgent care are in existence primarily to care for patients who require it. But their indirect purpose is to help reduce the burden that these ERs are feeling as they are mixing their patient caseloads with people absolutely requiring emergency care and those who may not need emergency care. Most Kent urgent care facilities treat these minor emergencies and illnesses that are not life threatening to patients, and they normally advise these patients to follow up with their doctors if their symptoms persist. So they serve as an intermediary of sorts to fix these problems in the short term, leaving primary care doctors to treat patients with less acute and more chronic conditions when their offices are open.

Kent urgent care facilities are increasing in scope rapidly as primary care physicians are filling up their case loads and are finding it more challenging to spend sufficient time with patients. Through visiting Kent urgent care clinics, patients can experience less conflicts with scheduling, fewer time waiting to see a doctor and more quality time with those doctors when they are treated. Because not many primary care physicians have sufficient time to meet with their patients, many of these patients are finding it perfectly OK to visit Kent urgent care clinics and nearby Everett urgent care, Seattle urgent care, and Kirkland urgent care centers.

Because Kent urgent care facilities treat acute conditions, they are ideal for people with minor breaks and with flu symptoms who cannot see their doctors. The typical facility involved with urgent care Kent has available too can do more for patients than see them when they are sick too, since a lot of these urgent care facilities provide laboratory related services like drawing blood and sending it off for evaluation, offering routine physicals, and taking X rays. This makes these places veritable full service medical facilities.
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