New Channel 8

New Channel 8

Ooom Renovations.
The bathroom for kids at Westmount has an integrated tub and shower, offering an additional space for storage. The bathroom retains a historical vibe, but still exudes an effervescent feel. The bathroom is a mix of monochromatic style with a touch of color.

In the Halifax bathroom, bright hues are utilized to create the Halifax renovation of the bathroom. The bathtub has a freestanding design in the bathroom. It also has an oval window on top. The nautical theme is the focus of the renovation.
The Leclair bathroom renovation has a vanity which provides storage space. The design is monochromatic however, with occasional bursts of colour. Wallpaper was used to create a personality and to bring it alive.

The Westmount bathroom renovation included a change in the entire layout. The ensuite has pockets in the doorway.
This bathroom is pinstriped Mediterranean teal walls. The shade evokes the feeling of warmth and depth. The vanity also comes in white with storage beneath.

These ideas will help you plan your bathroom remodel. 2tdd5yj4ix.

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